Written by Toni Cantó

As I've read that you're interested in Dodge Dart stories, I think I have a good one (that you'll perhaps know).

Late Spanish Prime Minister Admiral Carrero Blanco (chief of the totalitarian government of General Franco) was killed in 1973 by the armed basque terrorist organisation E.T.A.

The car where Carrero Blanco was killed was an armoured Dodge Dart GT 3700, whose structure was able to resist the 2000 kg dynamite bomb. Of course Carrero Blanco and his driver died (with 2000 kgs of dynamite you can blow an Abrahams tank up). The car "jumped" on a building and fell in the interior garden.

The car is now at the Army museum at Madrid, where it can be seen by the public. The most amazing point of the story is that, as I've told you, the car didn't blow in pieces but maintained its structure.

See also the description of this story in Spanish.

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