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Written by Jorge Bela

I have visited your page ( and there I found a call for more information on Spanish Dodges. We have recently completed the webpage for the Museo Eduardo Barreiros, an institution dedicated to the industrial heritage of Barreiros. Barreiros is the company that manufactured, under an agreement with Chrysler, the Spanish Dodges. In total, 27,548 Dodges were manufactured in Spain in the 1965-1980 period. The number is relatively small, but it constitutes a unique and significant piece in the international history of Dodge.

The museum has a Dodge Dart 270 GL in mint condition, which is a joy to see. It runs and the engine is started regularly. A picture of the Dodge is prominently displayed in the main page of the site.

By the way, I am too a Dodge lover, as my father owned one while I was a very young kid. Those cars, although produced in limited numbers, have a very important place in the collective memories of our country, as they represented change and progress in a critical time of our industrial history.

Finally, there is a book on Spanish Dodges. Its title is: "Los Dodge Españoles", written by Gimeno Valledor, Pablo and Roca Maseda, Ramón. Published by Dossat in 1997. ISBN: 84-89656-22-3. It can be ordered on-line in

Spanish Dodge Dart and 3700 GT (see Images)

Written by Roberto Devis Raga and Translated by Deborah Mandell

I'm sending you a photo from the book that Jorge Bela refers to - it has all the Dodge information they sell in Spanish. The photos I'm sending you are of a 1969 model Dodge Dart that my father bought in September of 1968, and a 1971 3700 GT that we bought in 1990. The Dart is in the process of being repaired after a pretty serious accident. I'm going to try the motor pretty soon. As you can see, the 3700 GT is in good condition. It has 145,000 KM and is well equipped with leather upholstery, power steering, AC, etc. Spanish Dodges were expensive and well made cars, so they are reliable and long-lasting, and maintenance is simple. The motor, with minimal care, lasts forever. The body work has turned out to be very resistant to corrosion. Thanks for everything.




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