Dodge Dart Advertisements & Brochures

This is a partial collection of original Dodge Dart advertisements and brochures. Each image file's size is listed next to the link (e.g., 97 KB for the first one); the larger the file, the longer it will take to load into your browser. If you have an ad or brochure that is not shown here, I would greatly appreciate it if you'd scan it and send it to me.

Advertisements and brochures for the intermediate and full-size 1960-1962 Dodge Darts are found on the Pre-1963 Dodge Dart Page. Advertisements and brochures for Brazilian Dodge Darts are found on the Brazilian Dodge Dart Page.

1963-1966 Advertisements & Brochures

1967-1969 Advertisements & Brochures

1970-1972 Advertisements & Brochures

1973-1976 Advertisements & Brochures

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